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NOHRD WaterGrinder

NOHRD WaterGrinder

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Grinders, the athletes on board competitive sailing teams responsible for winching the sails, are among the fittest strength endurance athletes in professional sports. A sailing grinder is renowned for combining explosive strength with high levels of endurance. The WaterGrinder allows you to replicate the training regime of a sailing grinder from dry land.

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Pure Intensity

Upper Body Fitness Trainer

Fluid Elegance

For Home & Studio Fitness

The Power Of Water

The WaterGrinder is easy to use and offers a cardiovascular workout using just your core and upper body. Compact and fluid by its wooden drop-shape & water tank design, this machine runs on water for self-determined resistance: the harder you crank the handles, the greater the resistance. The Grinder’s unique design exudes an elegance, sure to complement both home and fitness studio environments.

Upper-Body Fitness

The WaterGrinder’s paddle is ergonomically shaped to provide smooth, even resistance as it moves through the water tank. Water resistance is beautifully self-determined: the harder your push or pull the hand pedals, the greater the instensity and challenge to your workout.

Wooden Seat

The wooden seat can be set on either side of the WaterGrinder and at 3 different heights, enabling both pushing or pulling training. The machine can also be used without the seat from a standing position for more core intensity, but also for use from a wheelchair.

Increase The Challenge

The hand crank can be set in 8 different positions to adjust resistance: the smaller the rotation radius, the higher the intensity.


Exceptional Design

Our wood range

Different models – in a wide range of wood

The NOHRD WaterGrinder comes in the classic NOHRD range of wood in high-grade oak, ash, cherry and walnut. The wood for the blocks is all sustainably sourced.