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NOHRD TriaTrainer

NOHRD TriaTrainer

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This compact, multi-functional exercise bench boasts a sleek, minimalistic design with easy adjustment features for three different training settings to allow for a broad range of exercises.

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3 In 1

Multi-fucntional workout bench

Tailor Your Workouts

Multi-bench magic

Workout Wonder

The TriaTrainer is a multi-purpose training tool. Compact, yet versatile, effortlessly capable of transforming to meet your workout needs. Whether you’re looking to engage in bodyweight exercise, strength training or simple stretching, as with a variety of yoga poses, this bench has you covered.

Core Trainer

Incorporating core strengthening exercise to your fitness regimen is essential as a foundation for nearly all physical activity – from lifting weights to daily movements like bending, twisting, and standing strong. A toned midsection will improve posture while enhancing your balance and stability, making core training a fundamental component of any fitness routine.

Ab-Trainer Mode

In the compact, closed position, the TriaTrainer is excellent for focused abdominal training, requiring a less than 1 sqm footprint.

Back Trainer Mode

The semi-opened TriaTrainer setting is ideal for targeted back and glute training. In this position, you can perform exercises that engage these muscle groups effectively, like back extensions or glute bridges.

Flat Bench

In its fully extended position, the TriaTrainer is perfectly suited for any kind of bench workouts - with or without weights.


Exceptional Design

Our wood range

Different models – in a wide range of wood

The NOHRD TriaTrainer comes in the classic NOHRD range of wood in high-grade oak, ash, cherry and walnut. The wood for the blocks is all sustainably sourced.