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NOHRD Eau-Me Board

NOHRD Eau-Me Board

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The Eau-Me Board is all about balance. Designed to simulate uneven ground, your body is continuously engaged, while the board aims to tilt you off center. The water-filled base is sure to react against your every move ? guaranteed to deliver an extra dimension to your balance & core stability session.

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Find Your Balance

Water-based balance board

Filled With Water

Our balance board twist

Compact Design

The Eau-Me Board comes in a generous 64 cm diameter with ample space for your foot positioning. Its unique feature is the water tank, designed to hold up to 6.5 litres water. For your footpad, choose between from our selection of real wood veneer or our HPL color palette to seamlessly suit your interior.

Balance Training

Incorporating balance training into your exercise regimen is sure to deliver noticeable benefits by enhancing core strength, improving coordination and functional fitness. Targeting core strength in this fashion will automatically improve posture and counter back pain as you improve. It’s an engaging and fun way to improve stability, prevent injury and gain overall confidence.

6.5 Liters - The Water Factor

Unlike stable surfaces or solid materials, water is constantly shifting, creating a dynamic and ever-changing environment for balance training. This translates into a wonderful element of unpredictability, sure to enhance your balance training while preparing you for everyday challenges, such as uneven terrain or unexpected movements, improving your overall functional fitness and reducing risk of injury.

Versatility Workout Positions

Use for training exercises such as squats, sit-ups, lunges, and push-ups. Performing these exercises on the balance board encourages the body to use its stabilizing muscles to maintain balance, while also significantly challenging large muscle groups with its unstable platform.

The Details

Exceptional Design

Our wood range

Different models – in a wide range of wood

The Eau-Me Board comes in the classic NOHRD range of wood in high-grade oak, ash, cherry and walnut. The wood for the blocks is all sustainably sourced.